I won’t perform up to a good gnat

I won’t perform up to a good gnat

337 Thou seyst in addition to, that if i build united states gay Thou sayest also, if i create our selves homosexual 338 Having clothyng, and with precious assortment, Which have attire, along with dear adornments, 339 That it’s danger regarding oure chastitee; That it is risky to our chastity; 340 However — with sorwe! — thou really demand thee, However — misfortune to help you thee! — thou need to strengthen thy conflict, 341 And you will seye thise wordes in the Apostles term: And you may say these types of terms and conditions on Apostle’s term: 342 «From inside the behavior maad that have chastitee and guilt «Inside outfits made out of chastity and guilt 343 Ye wommen shul apparaille yow,» quod the guy, You women should clothing yourselves,» he told you, 344 «And you can noght within the tressed heer and you can homosexual perree, «And never for the cautiously set-up tresses and you can homosexual dear stones, 345 Once the perles, ne having gold, ne clothing riche.» Such as pearls, neither with silver, nor steeped material.» 346 Just after thy text, ne immediately following thy rubriche, According to thy text message, nor inside the accord which have thy interpretation, 347 We wol nat wirche as muchel because an excellent gnat.

And this no person can endure the fresh next

348 Thou seydest it, which i try lyk a cat; Thou said this, which i is such as for example a cat; 349 Having whoso wolde senge an effective cattes skyn, To have if some body create singe a beneficial cat’s epidermis, 350 Thanne wolde the cat wel dwellen in the into the; Then manage brand new cat well stay static in their dwelling; 351 Of course, if the cattes skyn end up being slyk and you will gay, Just in case the new cat’s surface end up being sleek and you may gay, 352 She wol nat dwelle internally 1 / 2 of day, She’ll perhaps not stay in home 1 / 2 of a day, 353 However, ahead she wole, er one go out become dawed, But forward she’ll (go), before every time become dawned, 354 To shewe hir skyn and you will goon an effective-caterwawed. To exhibit this lady body and you may wade yowling particularly a cat when you look at the heat. 355 That is to seye, basically feel homosexual, sire shrewe, This might be to say, if i getting well dressed, sir scoundrel, 356 We wol renne away my borel to have in order to shewe. I could run out to show my bad dresses.

Sir old deceive, exactly what assistance is they having thee to help you spy?

357 Sire olde fool, exactly what helpeth thee so you can spyen? 358 Thogh thou preye Argus together with hundred or so yen Even when thou pray Argus with his hundred or so sight 359 Become my warde-cors, as he kan finest, To get my bodyguard, as he top knows exactly how, 360 From inside the feith, he shal nat kepe me however, me lest; Into the believe, the guy shall not remain myself however, whenever i please; 361 Yet koude We build his berd, so moot I thee! Yet should i cheat your, when i get excel!

362 Thou seydest eek one ther been thynges thre, Thou said and there exists about three anything, 363 The latest whiche thynges troublen al that it erthe, This new and therefore something difficulties all this earth, 364 Hence zero wight could possibly get survive brand new ferthe. 365 O leeve sire shrewe, Jhesu shorte thy lyf! O precious sir scoundrel, Goodness shorten thy lifestyle! 366 Yet prechestow and seyst an enthusiastic hateful wyf Yet thou preachest and sayest an indicate wife 367 Yrekened is for oon out of thise meschances. Was reckoned as one of these misfortunes. 368 Started ther nothing othere maner resemblances Were there not one brand of evaluations 369 You to definitely ye will get likne youre parables so you’re able to, Which you can use in your sayings, 370 However, if a sely wyf be oon out-of tho? Without an awful wife’s becoming one of them?

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