Chop Media People that have Tinder and you may PureMe Having ‘Firsts’ Season step three

Chop Media People that have Tinder and you may PureMe Having ‘Firsts’ Season step three

Pushing the boundaries for innovation in storytelling, Pocket Aces, Indias leading digital media entertainment company is back with a new season of the hit Instagram series, ‘Firsts on Chop News. Firsts Season 3, in association with Tinder and PureMe explores a same gender romantic relationship between two young girls, who match on Tinder and decide to onboard an exhilarating journey of understanding love, life, and more together. A heartwarming story that blossoms during the lockdown, this season is a tale of acceptance, and coming together to celebrate the beauty of love, which has no labels.

Firsts season 3 stars young talented actors Shreya Gupto, and Himika Bose, playing the role of the protagonists, who are both in their early twenties — Ritu Chatterjee and Lavanya Vijaya, respectively. Their first match on Tinder led to a whirlwind online romance, which saw them decide to move in together, after a mere month of knowing each other. Worlds collide when the carefree Lavanya, and the slightly uptight Ritu explore their many ‘firsts as a same gender couple. Being as different as chalk and cheese, their story is both entertaining, and relatable for couples across the board.

At exactly the same time, over the past couple of months, you will find constantly pushed our borders with various performs matchmaking, and this enjoys advised us to remain bringing out alot more such as for instance quite happy with some other layouts

To the broadening requirement for the security standard out-of sporting a good hide to stop this new give from viruses, PureMes directory of long-wear, linen masks try seamlessly woven towards the some symptoms regarding the collection. The partnership/association is the to begin the type consolidation getting PureMe where the new brands well worth proposal of being common but really safe in the exact same time, featuring its content, ‘Be different try significantly highlighted regarding the series; expanding brand name importance.

Drawing genuine-existence event and staying its aimed to your facts arc, the new reveal was wondrously composed of the Sulagna Chatterjee whom, makes reference to given that a beneficial queer that will be brought of the very talented Bharat Misra. Over the course of the brand new 20 one-moment episodes, Firsts season step three displays just how lovers regarding queer people deal with, and you may browse in an alive-into the matchmaking during the a mainly heterosexual people.

Posting comments with the union Arti Yadav, Co-Maker, PureMe told you, “Being our first previously electronic union, we sensed it actually was the proper opportunity to not just program all of our set of attractive and trendy goggles, in addition to reinforce its advantages. We had been and pulled on the gorgeous message out-of like, and you may cracking stereotypes, that is exactly what ‘Be varied concerns. In contrast, we think really thrilled to have begun it travels that have Dice News and check toward even more such as for example mutually rewarding partnerships.”

From their basic confession, and basic gift, to the earliest challenge, and you can first thoughts out-of uncertainty, new reveal catches new sensitivities regarding a beneficial newfound matchmaking, specifically those types of cracking stereotypes when you look at the people

Leaving comments towards the discharge, Kunal Langer, AVP Customer Order Increases, Pocket Aces, said, “Firsts as a house try an extremely unique and you can a disruptive structure having facts advising we on Wallet Aces delivered prior to this year. So far making use of the step 3 year, labels have shown tremendous need for new format as the concept is completely new and you will highly relatable in the wild. Within the Seasons step three, i’ve chose to deal with a subject something which content creators features shied of, and also have tried to normalise this new conversations doing queer matchmaking; exhibiting the modern-big date like tale anywhere between several female. Amidst such unmatched times, i’ve tried to weave in how relationship and romantic dating try changing as well as the only goal at the rear of this season are very distinct from their predecessors. I am exhilarated to own couples such as for instance Tinder and you may PureMe just like the it entice their identities and that expected the best complement which seasons design.”

Firsts 12 months step 1 and 2 moved so many hearts using its lockdown specials and you will obtained a fantastic reaction on audience pressing over so many views. Connect the newest all new one to-time periods from Firsts S3 toward Chop Medias Instagram page.

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