Companion help is supplied by the airport suppress so you can/regarding doorways and you may anywhere between doors in order to connect aircraft

Companion help is supplied by the airport suppress so you can/regarding doorways and you may anywhere between doors in order to connect aircraft

Considerably more details exists regarding the rental off Users who happen to be blind otherwise enjoys lowest vision and Users who possess intellectual disabilities.

We encourage the Customers are helped so you can head the employees within the the best way to do the brand new elevator and you will transfer. A little wheelchair which can complement on the flights aisle are offered by all gate and will be put in the event the help is requisite. Each door is additionally armed with a passenger Transfer Package (PTK), that contains a fall panel and you can an exchange sling.

If a consumer means a chair which have a moveable section armrest to better helps an elevator and you can transfer, the location out of movable section armrests exists here.

Preboarding can be found for Consumers who’ve a příklady profilů secret benefits specific seating you would like to suit its disability and you can/otherwise need assistance in the boarding the flights otherwise stowing an assistive product. Those individuals Customers who want more time to panel will receive an effective the fresh boarding violation which have an additional time designation. The fresh designation serves as alerts to the Businesses (boarding) Representative the Customer is going to be allowed to board in advance of Relatives Boarding.

We will enable it to be you to definitely travel mate to act while the an enthusiastic “attendant” and you can preboard which have a customer which have an impairment if your Customers requires the man or woman’s guidelines both so you’re able to panel otherwise during the brand new routes. Oftentimes, the consumer demands assistance from only 1 other individual, and any extra loved ones or members of the family is actually requested in order to panel with their assigned category.

People Consumers exactly who qualify for preboarding get a separate boarding ticket with a preboarding designation

People is to consult preboarding from our Support service Agent during the violation avoid otherwise departure entrance. All of our Agencies are trained to query fact-wanting questions to decide in case the Buyers meets the fresh new certificates revealed a lot more than. The latest designation serves as notice to the Operations (boarding) Representative that the Customers are going to be permitted to preboard.

Note: Consumers who are preboarding on account of a significance of a certain seat onboard new flights should talk to the fresh Functions (boarding) Representative immediately after protecting a great boarding pass to your preboarding designation and ahead of the beginning of the preboarding to help you aware the newest Agent so you can the latest seating you want.

Since Southwestern Air companies doesnt assign chairs, preboarding is present to possess Consumers who are in need of a certain chair to help you accommodate its disability. Comprehend the Preboarding area over to own details.

In the event the a customer with a handicap simply needs a little extra time to panel, we’ll allow the Consumer to board before Members of the family Boarding, within “A” and you will “B” organizations

Consumers who are in need of one or more seat in order to complement a disability (elizabeth.grams., a customers who has his/the lady sleeve from inside the a thrown you to definitely runs on room beside the customer) get proactively get an extra chair(s) so you can alert Southwestern of their specific seating you desire. If you’re advice to have booking the next chair on line is obtainable with the our Consumers off Size page, Customers to get a second seat to match a handicap is to fool around with “DXS” rather than “XS” on Users middle name. People get contact us getting a reimbursement of your own price of the additional seat bought to accommodate the client after travelling. When the a consumer that have an impairment has issues about the total amount out of room needed and won’t want to purchase an additional seat, the client would be to speak with the customer Services Representative on departure gate. Typically, a supplementary chair can only be bought to own a consumer which have an impairment if your Customers perform if you don’t be unable to availability all of our routes. Or even, as noted within our Bargain away from Carriage, the purchase greater than that chair toward only goal of making certain most personal space is banned.

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