8 Tips to Stay Sober on Heavy Drinking Holidays

It’s sometimes a good idea to remind yourself why you’re at a party and putting yourself in the situation of being around a lot of people drinking and getting messed up. It’s absolutely not because you’re there to drink or use. It’s because human connection is one of the fucking greatest things in the world, and screens are not an adequate substitute for IRL interaction. You’re there for LIFE, not the hardship and accelerated death that active addiction brings with it.

How long after you stop drinking Do you feel better?

Your mood should get better within 3 to 6 weeks. Tell your doctor if it doesn't. You may need treatment for long-term symptoms or an undiagnosed mental health condition.

Protect and nurture this beautiful gift of sobriety that you’ve discovered. Keep yourself healthy and on the path of sobriety—it’s the ultimate way to be ready for all the other amazing parties that you’ll be hitting soon enough. While it’s always nice to encourage a friend to not drink in solidarity, that might not always be an option. Instead, know that you may need to step away and call a friend who also doesn’t drink in the middle of the party. Having this option to lean on if you’re feeling triggered by alcohol or uncomfortable is a surefire way to ensure safety while having fun.

Tips For Staying Sober Under Pressure

Being angrily confronted or insulted about why they aren’t drinking. They just don’t know what they’re missing, and would like drinking if they gave it more of a chance. They’re purposely not drinking to be a stick in the mud and kill everyone’s buzz. If you’re about to go out, here’s how to avoid a hangover.

Tips for Being Sober Around Drinkers

If you start to feel uncomfortable, you have the freedom to leave right away. You don’t necessarily need your own car to do this, but be sure to plan another option — whether that be a ride share service , a taxi or walking home. Make a plan https://ecosoberhouse.com/ in advance that you won’t have to wait around for anyone else. There are times when I’m just not up for going out and being around drinking, but I know my boyfriend would like to. On those occasions, I just tell him to go without me.

Examine alcohol health effects

Early recovery means that the individual has just entered treatment or recently completed a treatment program. If you are around someone who has recently started or finished recovery, it is rarely okay to drink in front of them or even have alcohol present.

They weren’t wasted, and I wasn’t at a party surrounded by relapse triggers trying to tamp down a rising panic attack. Have some sober friends you can invite as your plus-one to a social event like a party or wedding. And stay in touch with your sponsor and call them if you’re feeling anxious or uncomfortable. Just give her a call in advance; or, at the party, take her aside and assure her that you have a problem with your own drinking, not anyone else’s. And of course, be gracious about the lovely invite.

What if my friends aren’t being receptive?

Keep nonalcoholic beverages on hand for yourself and others. Let guests bring their own alcohol — and take it with them when they leave.

Next up on the possible obstacles for sober vacations is, of course, the airport . Out of all the changes that happened as I went alcohol-free, one of the most notable has been learning how to travel while staying sober.

Avoid Old Routines and Habits

Unlike people who stay sober because of dependency or addiction, sober curious people may not necessarily meet criteria for an alcohol use disorder or intend to give up alcohol permanently. Talking out your plans withanother sober personis always a good idea.

Tips for Being Sober Around Drinkers

So once you’re reinserted into your daily life with the same routine as before — minus the alcohol — it’s undersandable why someone would struggle adjusting to staying sober. So whether you’re a skeptic, a believer, a data-driven engineer or artistic painter, a few being sober around drinkers of these tips should apply. Bringing another sober person along can make all the difference. It can make a big event with a lot of alcohol go much smoother. Knowing that someone else is in the same boat as you at the party can alone takesome anxietyoff your mind.

Whenever you get a group of people gathered for some special occasion, it’s probably going to appear. Even the most sophisticated art showing will likely serve wine. Or you may have to go into a bar, like to see a concert. Overall though, you can keep drinking out of your life most of the time if you try. Sometimes you’ll even get a situation where, say, someone who’s decided they only want to get buzzed that night will nag their friend who isn’t drinking at all. However, at the same time the buzzed group member resents being pressured to do shots from his buddies who like to get completely hammered four times a week.

  • Again, there’s a lot of hours in the day and you will feel each hour tick by at a snail’s pace, especially when cravings occur.
  • Knowing why you drink is essential, says Cyndi Turner, LCSW, LSATP, MAC, a Virginia therapist who specializes in addiction treatment and alcohol moderation.
  • Remove contacts from your phone, block them on social media, and avoid places where they hang out.
  • Stay calm, play some relaxing ambient noise, and be still.
  • Consider taking a break from friends who might, whether they mean to or not, make you feel pressured to drink socially.

They’re just being drunk, not purposely trying to get under your skin, although it can sure feel that way. People who have been drinking are more likely to do certain activities over others. They also like doing certain things for longer than sober people would. When you’re sober, sitting around and talking can make you feel a little restless after a while. When you’re having drinks you’ll happily do it all night. If you like dancing, you’ll do it for hours when you’ve got some alcohol in you.

Removing daily substances from your system causes a sort of waterfall effect of changing mental and bodily functions. Metabolism rises and falls, bowel movements, and even one’s ability to focus on tasks. Food can be a trigger as much as family or a job can. Take on a diet that’s sustainable and stick to it to help establish a new routine. Getting sober is a sprint, staying sober is like running a marathon without a finish line. On the plus side, you have people cheering you on and giving you support at various checkpoints.

  • It is illegal to drive with a BAC of 0.08 or higher, and this limit may be lower for commercial vehicle drivers and those younger than 21.
  • Try to spend more time with people who you trust to respect your decision to reduce or eliminate drinking alcohol, rather than those who will judge or pressure you.
  • They just don’t know what they’re missing, and would like drinking if they gave it more of a chance.
  • One of the greatest gifts of sobriety is being able to say goodbye to hangovers for good.
  • Reinforce what you’re doing is important, and you need them to be more supportive.
  • Remember to care for yourself, seek supportive relationships, and consider seeking help from a therapist.

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