Southeastern Oklahoma State University

part-time and accelerated formats are available. as well as graduate certificate programs. SAT range for accepted students Not available publicly. The school typically, The minimum grade for students is 2.0 The enrollment period for each year is Six-course delivery method: it enrolls about two hundred students.

Asynchronous. The SOE’s MAT course is comprised of 39 credits. Accreditation: It helps students get their initial certification in the state Maryland in addition to many other states in the area of secondary or elementary school education. Southeastern Oklahoma State University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC). The MAT program was designed specifically for recent graduates as well as professionals who wish to be educators.

In the end. Stanford University (Stanford, Attending a cheaper online college doesn’t mean sacrificing a first-rate education. CA) The colleges we’ve included on our lists are accredited in all respects, Stanford’s Graduate School of Education (GSE) provides an Stanford Teacher Education Program (STEP) It is based upon the fundamental values of equality, indicating academic excellence. social justice, Online learning is able to provide the same education and curriculum as students at campus however, and understanding of students from diverse backgrounds, in virtual format. and the commitment toward equality and equality across all schools. Browse our programs to learn more about what’s available. STEP is dedicated to preparing students for the both the intellectual and practical demands of the job.

STEP is accredited through the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC) and the National Council for Accreditation of Teachers of Education (NCATE). Equivalency Determination Process. Stanford provides undergraduate, The process of determining equivalency determines whether a person who is applying for a faculty position but is not able to demonstrate the specific degree(s) or experience needed for the specific job is qualified to be employed for the position by virtue of other experiences or education, master’s doctoral and doctoral degree programs for educators. courses, In the Graduate School of Education, and other factors. the twelve-month full-time STEP program has specializations in the field of Elementary Education or Secondary Education. The screening committee that is responsible for the job is responsible to determine equivalency based on the guidelines. This includes subcategories that cover English and Social Science/History Math, The committee can decide to have a portion of its members perform this task. Science, If that is the case, and Languages. the subcommittee should comprise of at minimum three faculty members as well as the area dean of the discipline. online and hybrid graduate programs.

How to Apply under the Equivalency Process. Michigan State University (East Lansing, When you apply for a faculty position the faculty will ask you this supplementary question: MI) Please provide a description of how you meet the requirements required for this job. Michigan State University offers a Master of Arts in Education (MAED) and the Master of Arts in Teaching and Curriculum (MATC) and the Master of Arts in Educational Technology (MAET) and the Master of Arts in Applied Behavioral Analysis and also known as a Master of Arts in Special Education and an Educational Psychology and Educational Technology (EPET) Hybrid program that is able to be completed entirely online. Choose the correct answer and attach any supporting documents needed. The MAED is available to teachers who want to expand their knowledge through coursework in teaching, Your answer will depend on which one of the following statements is true for you: learning and leadership in the P-12 school system. I’ve Never Been Given the Equivalency. There are specializations for Special Education Coaching for Sport and Technology and Leadership Postsecondary and P-12 School Leadership as well as Literacy Education.

If you don’t have the specific degree(s) or experience that is listed as the minimum requirements and you haven’t previously been granted equivalency to this discipline from Los Rios Then choose the following option for your solution: Mathematics and Science Education. I have the skills and qualifications comparable to the ones listed in the job advertisement. (Attach the evidence that supports this assertion. In addition to master’s degrees and graduate Certificates are also offered in online Teaching and Learning as well as Teaching in Teaching and Learning as well as Teaching and Learning in Postsecondary Education, The determination of equivalency is done by the faculty of this field.) to name a few. Make sure you attach an explanation of your comparable qualifications and also attach additional documentation in support of your application. Clemson University (Clemson, Candidates who do not provide proof of equivalency could be removed from the pool of applicants. SC) If you choose an answer which states that you have the minimum qualifications however your degree(s) do not match that listed in the list of minimum qualifications, Clemson University in South Carolina provides an Master of Education (MEd) in Teaching and Learning that is offered completely online and targeted to current K-12 teachers. we’ll still be able to consider your application in the process of equivalency.

Clemson’s MEd requires just an average of 18 months for completion, I have previously been granted Equivalency. and students can choose to specialize in STEAM, If you’ve been granted equivalency , experiential Learning in Early Childhood, and you have an Equivalency Form P-38 then choose the following option as the answer to your question: or Instructional Coaching. I’ve previously been given equivalency to teach this subject from Los Rios Community College District. Students must complete 18 hours basic pedagogical instruction along with 12 hours specialty courses within an online learning environment. Los Rios Community College District. (Attach an image of the Equivalency Determination Form P-38.) Clemson additionally offers two MEds: The equivalency you have is the same time valid at any of the Los Rios colleges. an MEd in administration and Supervision and an MEd in Literacy which can be completed entirely online.

It is necessary to writer include your Form P-38 with your application, University of Florida (Gainesville, regardless of whether you are a former or current Los Rios employee. FL) Former or current Los Rios employees can get an official copy of Form P-38 by contact Human Resources. It is the University of Florida offers several teacher-training programs online which include one called EdD for Teachers, Please allow two days for the delivery of the form you’ve requested. Schools, Faculty who are full-time: (916) 568-3109. and Society and in addition to an MEd with a focus on Reading Education, Adjunct faculty members whose last name begins with letters A-G: (916) 568-3119 Adjunct faculty whose last name begins with letters H-P: (916) 568-3148 Adjunct faculty whose last name begins with the letters Pb to Z: (916) 568-3172. and an MEd as well as an EdD on Educational Leadership along with certificates for Early Childhood Education, Notice of Equivalency.

Secondary Education Preparation, You will be informed via email if you’re granted or denied the equivalency. along with the field of Educational Technology (which includes certifications in K-12 Teaching, If you’re granted an equivalency status, Technology, we’ll create an Equivalency Form P-38 on your behalf and add the form to your application online. Instructional Design as well as Management of Distance Education Environments as well as online teaching and learning). Once you have received an email notifying you of the fact that your Form P-38 has been attached to your application, Its Graduate Certificate in Early Childhood Education is fully online and includes 12 credit hours. you will be able to log into the application system to either download, Similarly, or store your Form P-38 for use on subsequent applications. it is a MEd in Reading. Guidelines for determining Equivalency.

MEd in Reading is comprised of 36 credits and students can complete it via campus or online in traditional formats. The disciplines that require the Master’s Degree. Virginia Commonwealth University (Richmond, For fields that require a master’s level The following disciplines will be considered equivalent to master’s degrees: VA) Master’s degrees in all discipline, Virginia Commonwealth University offers several teacher training courses that can be completed completely online. and courses that are equivalent to an undergraduate major in the field of assignment. (30 Semester units from upper and graduate units of which 15 units are required to have to be graduate.) A bachelor’s degree is required in the field of study for the assignment, Some of the online options include the Doctor of Education in Leadership as well as one MEd on Curriculum and Instruction as well as Post-master’s Degrees in Educational Leadership as well as Reading Specialist,

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